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About New Destiny Life Coaching

At New Destiny Life Coaching, simply put… We believe in the unalienable right and responsibility for all of us to live maximized lives. In other words, we are wholeheartedly convinced that we deserve all the true happiness and fulfillment this life has to offer – and, this is key, so do you! So, the only question is… How can NDLC help you?  

The New Destiny Life Coaching motto, per our Logo Page, is – ‘Ready to settle no more? Get New Destiny & Learn to Soar’… We exist for one fundamental purpose… We are here that the lives of our clients might be truly happier and more fulfilling. We exist that our clients might come to know new destinies that ultimately produce maximized lives.

To learn more about us and what drives us, we invite you to read about our mission and to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Additionally, you’ll want to read our Certified Life Coach Bio(s) to get a better appreciation of the wealth of life experience, strong interpersonal qualities and inspired sense of purpose – all serving to deepen and enrich the coaching experience for clients.

Our professional life coaching sessions are typically conducted via phone – and always involve the establishment of a highly trustful, comforting and confidential environment… within which the client feels at ease to share. So, whether you have a pressing concern that needs to be worked on, or, like many, simply want to condition and realign yourself to get the absolute best from life… Life Coaching is for you! And, just to remove all doubt, we’ve taken the liberty of identifying the one and only segment of the population for whom life coaching has absolutely no use. As for everyone else, we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to begin to soar.

There’s only one thing that we love more than connecting with good people – and that’s helping those worthy people obtain the clarity, perspective and insight to live considerably happier and more fulfilling lives. So, feel free to submit a question about New Destiny Life Coaching or Life Coaching in general or contact us regarding any feedback about the website or thoughts you would like to share.

Perhaps you have a particular issue that’s affecting you or a burning question for which you could use some advice.  If so, we invite you to submit a NDLC Life Query - to give a Certified Life Coach a bit of a test run.

Last, but most certainly not least, we’d love for you to connect with us on Facebook and/or Twitter. On Facebook, we have a New Destiny Life Coaching page where we regularly offer advice, insight and perspective for living your absolutely best life. Additionally, bonuses, discounts and give-aways will be announced/offered via the New Destiny Life Coaching page. Simply click Like at the top of the page, to receive the updates.

Also, we have the SomethingToShare page for daily inspiration, motivation and perspective and the Beyond The Heartache page specifically for helping those who are struggling to deal with loss. Again, click Like at the top of each page, to receive the updates.

Finally, you can follow us at DAnthonySTS for additional inspiration and perspective on Twitter as well.

Sometimes what we need most in life is a little daily inspiration and perspective to keep us on the right track. And to help us most effectively make it through our respective days... For that purpose, might we recommend our great inspirational self help book? And for anyone endeavoring to cope with, and find meaning in, grief and loss - our STS Remembrance Journal is the perfect source for guidance and perspective. 

We are on a mission to help people live more purposeful, truly happier and fulfilled lives. Here’s the latest on our efforts.


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